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Tree Removal Perth - Tree Loppers Perth - Stump Grinding

Tree Removal Perth - Tree Loppers Perth
Manage Your Trees By Use Tree Removal Services

Trees are an integral part of any landscape, and can offer aesthetics as well as shade. Despite their benefits, mature or dying trees can pose serious hazards for both property and people, and in such circumstances it may be necessary to consult a professional for tree removal Perth or tree loppers Perth services. If the issue involves a tree that resides on a neighbour’s property, it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for resolving the issue.

Tree Removal Perth - Tree Lopper Perth

Tree Removal Perth - Tree Loppers Perth
When you don't do tree removal regularly

Invasive tree roots can extend beyond your property and can cause damage to neighbours drainage systems, as well as damage to sidewalks, pavements and foundations.

Trees can also present issues above ground, and overhanging branches can cause hazards to both property and residents. Overhanging branches can cause reduced sunlight in the home which can promote mould growth and can be harmful to human health. Property damage may result from the falling of branches during storms, which can cause damage to fencing, roofs, and can also present danger to residents. Leaves from overhanging branches can also cause gutters to become blocked. If you have this problems, its time for you to find the right tree removal Perth or tree loppers Perth.

Tree Removal Perth - Tree Loppers Perth
Having tree loppers or trimmed around your property

In the above circumstances it can be difficult to decide who is responsible for undertaking action and foot the bill for having the tree removed or trimmed. In any situation is paramount that you first speak with your neighbour to attempt to resolve the issue.

In Western Australia the property owner has the legal right to remove any tree branches or roots that are invading their side of the fence. As part of this entitlement the property owner may cut or dig up any branches or roots up to the fence line or property boundary.

In some situations, you may require the services of a specialist tree removal Perth and trimming professional. Here at Just Trees we provide professional and affordable tree removal Perth, tree loppers Perth, tree trimming Perth  and tree pruning services to the Perth suburbs and surrounding area.

 Tree Removal Perth - Tree Loppers Perth
How to approach your neighbour to do tree removal

In these circumstances you should write a letter to your neighbour stating the damage, quote and a request for them to pay for the repair of the issue so to avoid a recurrence. Once your neighbour has been informed of the issue, they are legally responsible for fixing the problem.

If your neighbour is not compliant, you can undertake mediation to resolve the dispute. The following articles provide further information on the responsibility of property owners with regards to overhanging branches and intrusive roots, and the process for mediation of issues:
- Legal Aid Western Australia
- Citizens Advice Bureau

Tree Removal Perth - Tree Loppers Perth
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Tree Removal Perth - Tree Lopper Perth