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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning Perth and trimming is an essential part of garden maintenance. Left unchecked, trees can become unruly and develop fragile arm or legs. At Just Trees, we provide an expert tree pruning service, pruning trees of all types, shapes and sizes.  Our experience ensures we pay attention to your landscape during its formative stages and assist in promoting healthy, vibrant and strong trees as they develop and age. Our services include:

Shade Trees Trimming

When it comes to shade trees, our services can help to form structures to provide the most range of cover without blocking out the sunshine completely.  Additionally, we will also help with privacy screens or hedges as a visual barrier within your garden while ensuring space for natural development.


Tree Pruning Perth - Pruning Large Trees

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is essential to ensuring trees are able to take in adequate sunlight. By pruning trees within a tree crown, we will lower the overall thickness of your trees and decrease pressure on the trunk.  Plus by pruning large trees, we can also provide the right amount of light into your garden, so not only will it help various other plants receive necessary solar energy,  but also shade when required.

Hazard Decrease

Dead branches within a tree canopy can run out and divided from the major trunk. This can become a safety and security hazard so the removal of these lifeless tree limbs back to the main limbs is incredibly important.  Not only is it a necessary preventative measure to dramatically decrease the threat of accident and incidental property damage by falling dead branches, but removing infected limbs will also encourage tree recuperation. Our tree trimming treatments locate and neutralise any type of tree disease offenders and pave the way for your trees to flourish.

Selective and Side Pruning

We also prune select parts of the tree that may be interfering with a cable, another tree or building

While it may be tempting to trim or lop trees yourself, you must be mindful. It is a tricky process and requires a great deal of know-how. For example, removing too much can promote aggressive regrowth and removing too little may not do enough to control disease. It can also take time with some cases, involving several days worth of work.

We understand that you may be worried about cost of tree pruning Perth but removing branches haphazardly can create irreversible damage to the tree and the surrounding ecological community. Plus lopping of limbs can cause unsightly stumps, reduce growth and cause tree disease.

The best solution is to simply search for tree pruning Perth near me and give us a call. We can assess the best treatment for your tree, be that a simple trim or elimination, offer our exceptional wisdom, experience and advice and a cost-effective solution you’ll definitely be happy with.

Tree Pruning Perth - Pruning Large Trees | Just Trees Perth