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Powerline Clearance

When you own your own home, you have plenty to maintain both indoors and out such as your plumbing and electrics, your front and rear garden and your pool, but you may have one more job to add to that list. Managing trees around power lines can often be ignored, however if your trees are hanging near power lines, you will need to pay close attention.  Just Trees Perth are specialists in power line clearances and we can help you understand and manage the risks associated with trees around power lines and avoid danger.

power line clearances

Why Power Line Clearance Important?

It is important to manage trees close to power lines and ensure the trees close to power lines on your property are not a risk to you or the public. In Western Australia, it is the responsibility of property owners to manage and deal with overhanging branches and intrusive roots. While you can try to prune the trees back yourself or call in a gardener, power lines tree trimming isn’t that easy.

In Western Australia the property owner has the legal right to remove any tree branches or roots that are invading their side of the fence. As part of this entitlement the property owner may cut or dig up any branches or roots up to the fence line or property boundary. You can read the following articles provide further information on the responsibility of property owners with regards to overhanging branches and intrusive roots, and the process for mediation of issues: Citizens Advice Bureau

Regular tree trimming to keep branches clear of power lines is an ongoing task. We recommend tree pruning Perth every 6-12 months to ensure your property is not going to jeopardise any power outages.

Not only can it be confusing for you to know the rules and limitations of trees infringing nearby power lines, but due to high voltage flowing through the power lines, it is classed as a hazardous job.

We have years of experience and know-how on power line clearances and can ensure you are not breaking the rules and can trim the trees back safely.

Our services include power line tree trimming, cutting cutting trees near power lines, cutting the tree limbs touching power line and trimming trees around power lines.

Professional Tree Service

We offer a full range of services, including pruning, shaping, stump grinding, cutting and also tree removal. Our work is undertaken by professionals with the skill and expertise to complete power line clearances in a safe and reliable manner, regardless of the type or size of tree and how close they are to the power lines or your property.

We also advise on avoiding planting trees near power lines altogether and if you do so, to bear in mind the growth of the tree when doing any landscaping.

While you may think power line clearances can be expensive, it shouldn’t have to be and the truth is, this is one job you shouldn’t ignore. When trees are close to power lines, you run the risk of accidental electrocution, risk of fire and power failure during heavy winds and storms.

Our team can come and assess what is the best way to carry out branch removal near your power lines.