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Whether you are a keen gardener, an amateur or a complete novice, the one thing you would have heard of is tree mulching. You may have seen road signs up while the mulching of the verges is in progress. But why is it so important and why is it so vital for you to ensure you are choosing the right mulch.

There are many benefits to tree mulch and at Just Trees, we’ve put together a quick guide to tree mulching, so you get a head start on your garden.

Tree Mulching - Tree Mulching Service

Benefit of Tree Mulching

Just Trees offers a tree mulching service and this includes the supply a variety of small and large wood chips in Perth. The benefits to our wood chips include:

  • With wood chips you can mulch branches and foliage as a low-cost nutrient rich compost for healthy trees and plants. Tree mulching slowly decomposes as organic matter and helps loosen compressed or sandy soil.
  • Mulch easily allows the water to penetrate the soil and be absorbed deep down under the surface area, maintaining the moisture in the dirt by about 70%! So your garden will not only be be healthy all year round, but you will use much less water, decreasing your water costs and saving energy.
  • Tree mulch urges soil microorganisms to grow and promotes earthworm advancement. Earthworm waste is actually a first grade, gold level fertiliser.
  • Tree mulching helps eliminate the growth of weeds by stopping the sprouting process and hindering their ability to get to the surface.
  • Tree mulch locks in the moisture protects it from straight sunshine.

How We Do Tree Mulching Service

So now we have gone through the benefits, let’s look at tool mulching process and how long it takes. The wood chips Perth is created from stump grinding, tree removal or pruning.

The mulching process involves spreading a 50 to 75 mm layer of mulch over a metre of dry ground.  Any less and you could end up with weeds being able to penetrate the soil and too much and you could end up with water struggling to get through.

Next, mix a little dirt moistening representative into 9 litres of water as well as pour over your compost.

Mulching shouldn’t take too long but as natural composts naturally breaks down, you need to regularly examine and keep on top of maintenance. When you first lay down the mulch and pour dirt moistening over your compost, you will need to leave the mulch for 1-2 hrs.

Check to see if the top soil and compost is completely dry but the dirt is wet to a minimum of 10cm deep.

Finally do not place the mulch too snugly around the stems of plants, shrubs or trees, as this can cause them to establish collar rot where the stem tissue is covered.

With our specialist equipment we can turn cuttings from trees and bushes into mulch for your garden and offer experience and guidance to ensure you get the most from your garden. We also offer other service like tree removal, tree stump removal and tree lopping.

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Tree Mulching - Tree Mulching Service