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The professional team at Just Trees are your local experts for tree mulching Perth and wood chips Perth. We have some of the very best prices for wood chips and mulch Perth has to offer. If you are looking for quality wood chip suppliers Perth, WA, or are wondering where to buy wood chips, think of us first.

What Are Wood Chips?

Wood chips are the result of tree mulching through a wood chipper. Not only does the mulching process break down branches into small and manageable pieces for easy disposal, the wood chips can also be reused for other purposes. This is both a very handy process as well as being kind to the environment, which is vital.

In other words, if you require tree mulching Perth to trim back the trees or even remove a tree, those trees and branches are not simply going to waste. In a way they are being recycled, through mulch and wood chips, for other purposes.

Our tree mulching process can mulch an entire tree, trunk and all. The tree is first trimmed back and cut into smaller pieces before being fed into the wood chipper. The result is mulch and small wood chips that are perfect for other uses.

The Benefits of Wood Chips

You can use wood chips for gardens and use the mulch around trees. Not only do the results look neat and pleasant, the wood chips and mulch will also hinder the growth of grass and weeds in your gardens and around the base of trees and plants. You can even order coloured wood chips for even greater effect. And, as mentioned above, recycling the wood chips and mulch is kind to the environment.

Just Trees Wood Chip Suppliers Perth WA

If you are looking for tree mulch Perth or wood chips Perth, then call us first. Just Trees is professional tree services has proudly been serving the local area since 2001. We love what we do and it shines through in our professionalism and customer service. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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