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Tree Removal Perth

Need affordable tree removals service in Perth and surrounding areas, you can count on Just Trees. We have more than 20 years of experience in tree removal Perth services with 100% safe practice standards and customer’s satisfaction.  Our professional team always offers the best result with affordable prices. If your tree is dying or storm damaged then do not hesitate in removing this tree before it potentially causes damage to your home or garden.  Call Just Trees today for a consultation and free quote.

How Tree Removal Perth Work?

The process of tree removal Perth might be different depending on many factors, such as tree size or location. Most of the time we do the standard three steps. Our expert team will firstly cut and clear branches before cutting down tree trunks. Next, all the leaves, debris, and tree logs are cleared. The last step is stump grinding, however this step is optional in case you want to keep the stump and not have it removed.

Our expert and highly trained team will do the manual tree cutting from the top down to the tree base. We do not use heavy machinery for this tree service process that can risk nearby trees or landscape. We will ensure all of the processes are safe for your property, surrounding neighbours, and our worker as well.  The overall process can be completed within a day. However depending on the job itself, sometimes it can take up to few days.

What kind of trees can be removed?

At Just Trees, we can remove all types of trees.  From pine to gum trees or even palm trees, we are the experts for it. We can remove trees in all heights and sizes. Our knowledgeable and expert team has the right techniques to deal with different kind of trees.

How much does it cost for Tree Removal Perth?

The cost for a tree removal Perth service can be varied depending on tree, height or size. Other factors that affects the cost is the difficulty of tree removal  from surrounding obstacles, for example if the tree is too close to power lines or building’s then the cost may be increased due to the extra time it take to cut the tree down safely. Our price structure depends on whether the job is carried out in regular hours or is an emergency call out after hour service.

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To find out more about our tree removal service cost, please call Todd on 0401 203 905 and get a free quote. We are available for any kinds of tree management jobs from all across Perth Metro area.