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Powerline Clearing

Trees and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Regular tree trimming Perth to keep your trees on your property clear of power lines is best left to a qualified and experienced professional from Just Trees. Contact us now for the professional tree trimming Perth services.

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In Western Australia the property owner has the legal right to remove any tree branches or roots that are invading their side of the fence. As part of this entitlement the property owner may cut or dig up any branches or roots up to the fence line or property boundary. You can read the following articles provide further information on the responsibility of property owners with regards to overhanging branches and intrusive roots, and the process for mediation of issues: Citizens Advice Bureau

Regular tree trimming to keep branches clear of power lines is an ongoing task. We recommend tree pruning Perth every 6-12 months to ensure your property is not going to jeopardise any power outages.

Our team can come and assess what is the best way to carry out branch removal near your powerlines.

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